Best custom ROM for POCO F1 Android 10 based in 2021 Tested

Interestingly, the network connection and battery backup of this custom ROM is efficient, which are among the reasons many people prefer it. Techies have confirmed that this custom ROM delivers a smooth and seamless Android Pie experience on installed devices. The developers of this ROM are solidly behind it, providing constant updates to the OS for a better experience.

Besides, if you want a clean Pixel-like experience without compromising customization, try it once. Additionally, more new smartphones and tablets are added to the development community. Material design 2.0 is a unique and special feature that users are most excited about. In simple words, this custom OS is a stable version of Resurrection Remix. Evolution X builds are rolled out regularly with monthly security patches. The uniqueness of this ROM is that it features both the stock camera apps and Gcam. Besides, it also offers Gaming mode, status bar visibility toggle, and quick settings tile.

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  • Interestingly, the network connection and battery backup of this custom ROM is efficient, which are among the reasons many people prefer it.
  • For security purposes, your IP address needs to be in one of the countries mentioned above when you sign up for
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I have also made the baseline rules for this list, which can be seen here. I also have a blogpost that explains some added “JavaScript has to be enabled” stuff. In addition, the ROM developer needs to advertise the ROM, which usually happens on the XDA-Developers forum. After that, the ROM developer might start getting donations to help maintain the ROM, such as donating ad revenue earned through advertising on the site.

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Unfortunately their updates are not quite frequent and do not support many devices. Revenge OS is best for those who want to experience Paranoid Android and AOSP-based goodies.

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